Why I love my dog more than humans?



Most people who know me often inquire about my obsession with animals in parties over humans, and why I love my Dog so much and always give him priority over everyone else??

Here is my justification:-

Animals are simply better than humans, they don’t judge, they know love better than us and they never hurt you for fun. It’s either simple instinct or food. nothing else.

If you want to learn commitment, take a look at any dog’s commitment to his master. He will play with many all over the neighbourhood, but the end of the day he will come back to the same old fellow till death do them apart.

Upon this, the love that they constantly shower; they never demand gifts, don’t rant about us being heartless, and never ever get mad and stop communicating if we are late from work, or the time when we are just being a dick and ignore them with servants for moe than few days in a row.

They don’t take things personally ever. If you forget them for a day and are busy with something, they never hold grudges and always welcome you wholeheartedly whenever you are back to them.

My dog never has ulterior motives behind his demands, he is simple and straightforward.

His motives are simple, 

He likes to play with me.

he loves going out for walks

he loves food

and he loves his perpetual 24hours long naps.

he loves my company


I never have to wonder if he is,

trying to insult me

cheat on me behind my back

planning a conspiracy to take over my business

trying to steal from me (he does that sometimes, but it ends with food and he is not good at hiding the fact that he took something from me and ate it)

They are the perfect example of love, if you ask me, everything I have learnt about love. I have learnt from my dog.

P.S – I need to play with my dog now!



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