A suicide note to the world

Suicide note to the world

It’s a shame that I even have to write this.

We, humans, have overridden the epitome of mastery and technological advancement, we have gone to the moon and come back, we have gone to deepest of the ocean and have returned to tell the tale of the depth and height of all the adventures we experienced there.

We have all these technologies that help us connect to people half the way across the earth surface, heck we can even talk to someone in space and not blink an eye in astonishment.

Yet, we havent resolved the deepest of human suffering, the hope to create a happy world.

This is why this is almost a suicide note from me.

I am bored, like really bored; like super lit bored. Nothing gives enough challenge anymore, it’s same rinse and repeat.

Start a business, get rejected, gather energy and work harder and hustle till everyone understands it. Earn good money once the stupid fucking world gets it — rinse and fucking repeat.

Then just because you are bored and have noting better to do, start a new venture, or better, fucking volunteer and help people who are no good at helping themselves.

Come on, seriously???!!! thats it? this is what it has come down to.

this is what it has come down to? This is the best we could do? The last resort when left with nothing better to do — voulunFUCKINGteer

People die with hunger while food goes stale, there should be a better solution to this, and not be dependent on people who are bored and are searching for meaning in life by helping the “underprivileged” — I franky dont care much of inequality and stuff. I tried helping people, it got boring pretty soon.

But can’t we just entertain ourseves with somehting better than stupid television and sex and music?

Is it too much to ask to have a real connection wiht other human being? where I sit and discuss my deepst fear, desires and concerns?

These days whenever I open my mouth it becomes another reason for someone to sell me something new, tell them I am lonely, they sell me Tinder — Facebook- Twitter — Travelling — some hobbies for fcuk sake.

Why dont we beleive in just stiing and sharing our ideas with each other, and discuss out what kind of a shitty world we all have created for ourselves anymore?

Now you may bw wondering if I am dead or alive.

Quite froankly, I dont know, but I can assure you of one thing that the only thing that keeps me alive is hope.

A hope that someone somehwere will create something that will engage me. Someone who will dare to ask the right questions that will make me look deeper within myself and go places I have not been since decades. Someone who will make me dig inside. Someone who will make me look in the mirror, someone who can give me a better meaning in life.

Maybe ill make you look deep inside. Maybe we can help each other. I don’t know. I just needed to get this out there. in the void. somewhere.

loneliness is on its almost glory anyways.

We are all connected to one another through this vast internet. but do we really care and want to listen what other ahve to say?

I hope I am here when you reply back to this.

I really hope I do.

I hope this makes you look inside.

P.s — This is not a cry for help, I dont need anyone reaching out to help or anything. This is something i needed to get of my chest because it frustrates me every FUCKING day. I hope it does other people too.

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