Benefits of reconsidering everything

I am addicted to reevaluating everything.

If you ask my wife, she hates this habit in me.

She hates that every other month I like to sit down and change all the rules, structure, strategy and goals of my business.

And we own 4 business together. Hence I also understand what this would feel like to any stable person.

I on the other hand, love instability. I love chaos. I love to live outside my comfort zone. I love things to be organic. Changing all the time.

But, reevaluating everything has its own unseen benefits.

You see, we human beings evolve, we learn and forget, This happens everyday, constantly, and everyday we all wake up as a new human being.

The old goal doesn’t inspire us anymore, the old strategy doesn’t work with the market anymore, because the competition have caught up and are smarter than yesterday.

Restructuring our goals and visions always keeps us fresh and blooming up with new ideas.

Hence. Stop relying on old goals and strategy you made last year.

Go to your white board now and reevaluate everything your believed in yesterday, and come up with new goals and vision of your current self.

Only then we will be able to stay ahead than everyone else. And only then you shall always stay inspired and motivated.



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