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It is never too late to sit and evaluate life goals to set your priorities right, and you are never too old to make all the positive changes you need to achieve what you want.focus

Doesn’t matter what’s your age or demographic is, simply to know what you exactly want from life makes the journey exciting; and eventually liberating.

If you don’t have a plan by now, please take a seat and spare few minutes figuring out the perfect life for you.

Here are the few questions you need to ask yourself to create that life you desire-

1. What was the perfect life looked like to you when you were a teenager.

We humans don’t evolve much as we grow older doesn’t matter how much you think you have changed since you were a teenager, you are exactly what you were back then inside; it’s just that now you have stronger rational judgement. Your purest passions and goals are exactly what you had as a teenager, don’t defy them, rather accept who you are and be humble about your choices and passions.

2. What do you want your family/friends to perceive you, once you are gone?

By being gone I don’t mean particularly death, but just not being around is what you need to focus on right now. Try to envision the kind of conversations you are comfortable with behind your back, If you are alright with whatever people are talking about you when you are not around, you are already walking the perfect path. If you are uncomfortable regarding the things they are discussing, you already know where you need to make alterations.

3. Jot down your inspirations.

Your inspirations can range from career options to lifestyle changes you desire, fitness to mastering skills, but make sure they are coming from within you and not from any external sources because until the inspirations are truly yours, you wouldn’t feel the desired satisfaction once you attain your goals. Try to recall all the kind of people who inspires you and motivate you; then list out all the characters they have in common. Those characteristics are your true inspirations.

4. Now sit and plan

Once you have figured out what you want to do and achieve in life, everything else will fall into place. You just have to design you life according to your priorities and keep on achieving your goals step-by-step. It is not an overwhelming task once you know what perfect life looks like to you. Walking the path is then a cakewalk.

5. Keep on walking the path

Many moments will come forwards where you will feel that nothing makes sense, other times you will feel that your goals are simply not achievable, always remember that there is the only person who can stop you from achieving all that you want to achieve and that sole person is you.

Unless you don’t give up on your dreams nobody can stop you from achieving all that you desire and deserve. Yes, they can be delayed due to circumstances, but nobody has any further right to deviate you from your path unless you choose to walk against your inner instinct.

BonusLook at the people who are living the perfect life in accordance with your vision.

Nothing is free in today’s word and to achieve anything you have to pay by appropriate hard work. It’s very easy to desire something without realizing the price you have to pay to achieve them, always think ahead and try to evaluate what all you have to sacrifice to achieve what you desire to, because not every time you will reach your destination and feel fulfilled, to avoid feeling tormented always have a clear goal and try to evaluate all the consequences beforehand.

For references, try looking at people who already are living the life you want to live and the sacrifices they have made to be what they are.

Here is what my priority list looks like for the current year.

1. Learn to live in solitude and love to live without any commitment, so that I can use my time better. I will enjoy being around people, but I’ll focus majorly on the happiness I feel when I am alone.

2. Finish a particular project.

3. Update this blog every other day.

4. Finish an art project.

5. Pick up the guitar again.

6. Read 52 books by the end of the year.

7. Reduce time invested in family and relationships ( My relationship focus this year is solely my wife)

8. Start an additional business venture.

9. Invest all my extra time in reading and learning business skills.

10. Minimise waste of time – I don’t watch TV anymore, I don’t go to formal parties, I avoid meetings at all cost unless essential, and I avoid social media like a plague.

I hope this helps you achieve all that you desire to in your life.

– Sumeet Soni


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