What is the one skill that will change our life?

I don’t think this question needs another answer but I had to add something out of my experience as a practising therapist.

Day and day people come to me with problems. Problems ranging from business to extra marital affairs to parents/children problems.

If I can simplify it all, I can tell you all one thing.

All of our problems roots from one inability.

Our inability to stay happy with ourselves.

“All of the humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone,” wrote the French philosopher Blaise Pascal.

If one learns this one ability. All of the major problems will resolve or wouldn’t exist in the first place.

Let me explain how I have observed this problem.

We struggle with failing business not because we are stupid or incompetent, but because we cannot focus on work at hand, which is again stemming from dissatisfaction in our personal life which is the reason of our inability to live alone by ourselves.

We struggle with relationships not because we are bad people or are miserable at it, but because we cannot give as much as we receive, which again stems from our desire to be heard or get attention. Rather focusing on helping others.

Then there are people who are happy. I don’t mean happy in the temporary sense, but really happy with their lives.

They earn well, they live well, they are satisfied with their lifestyle, love their family, are passionate about what they do and have basically everything else.

What is the one trait I see common in all of them?

Their ability to not be dependant on others for happiness. Don’t get me wrong, they are not sociopaths and hate humanity and all its existence.

in fact, these are the sweetest people I know, who somewhere down the road, learnt to be alone.

they learnt the art of confining their whole reality within themselves. They don’t need people.

ironically, they are the ones who are always surrounded by people, money and passion.
The goal is to reach a place where we are not dependant on others for happiness, doesn’t matter what we do, where we live or who we marry.
if we don’t learn to be satisfied with what we have, we will never achieve anything worthwhile.

I hope I could have been of help.


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