Navy Officer on a world tour of 180 days by sea – Abhilash Tomy.

I have a habit of switching straight to editorial and related segments as soon as i pick up any newspaper. The general news could somehow never interest me neither they are important for my personal survival in this weird so-called sane world. News papers and News channel could never appeal to me, hence i prefer to spend my time with some editorial sections in daily papers and travel and food channels on the television for my updates about the world, and trust me it has never come in between me and my personal or financial goals.

Anyways, today i want to talk about something that took my attention the moment i picked up today’s morning  newspaper, it was a news which titled “Flying Sailor raring to hit the sea – solo, non-stop”.

Wow, A man on his solo driven yacht “Mhadei”  are up to conquer the world in their own personal Gangnam style, this guy will travel round the world through water bodies all by himself and will rely only on his own personal survival instincts for 180 days where he plans to stock all his supplies with himself along with a satellite phone for emergencies. I truly respect any person who has caliber and balls enough to do something this bizarre all by himself, because I can bet on a fact that many organizational people who come from the similar industry where they travel to remote places regularly for footage’s will any given day skip to step into something similar pardon any given team along with them.

Weren’t we all were similar when we were young, we all had dream to travel the world in our own way or do something completely bizarre because we thought it was cool, and we seldom cared about the rationality of our plans. The irony is that the people who are always mentioned along with great names  are seldom rational in any of their acts? Yet we always claim and support mediocre people who play safe and don’t desire do any sort of irrational great acts. Ask any rational head and he will deny any opportunity to get into any similar situation. Yet the world bow downs to all “Stupid Irrational Fucks”, bbut in their heart loves safe and mediocre lifestyle.

When we are young our supposedly friends and relatives had demotivated us so many times day-night under similar circumstances, that we have given up the thought of doing anything that excites us to eternity, and then get into a habit of blaming our situation or condition and sit on our ass whole day long while we wait for our death-bed and on our death-bed we regret everything we did do. Ironic.

I remember doing something on very similar grounds but very small to be mentioned alongside here but hell anyways ill go ahead and mention it, its my blog after all and i can boast myself as long as it takes me to feel good and special 😛 Some 5 yrs back I did randomly quit my job, picked up my motor-cycle, few clothes, phone and a laptop and initiated my journey for all over the country to random places. I only returned after 6 months once I had drained my savings and health and energy and I couldn’t do it any longer because if I had stretched it any further, my girlfriend had broken up with me, its kinda weird how every time you try to do something bizarre or extra-ordinarily good, relationships comes in the picture and you have to give up you so called charades  if you care about your relationship more than your own dream.

But if anyone asks me if I would do it again, my only answer would be “hell yeah..and this time it would be bigger and better”.

I don’t know what fascinates us kinds to travel for no precise reason to places where nobody care to go to along with this deep desire of solitude. I guess its a simple desire where we want to live all by our self and evaluate our personal strength along with understanding our deep inner self which gets lost in this rational world some-how. I am sure of one more thing,

“If there was anything i learned from life the during any shortest span of time, that would be those 6 months i spent will nothing but my own inner self and my own head to guide me”. 

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