It’s not what you do. It’s why you do it that matters?

I have been reading a lot about people watching too much TV and how it is distracting us from doing productive work.
Then I read about kids who have been playing video games and surfing Netflix all day and weeks. And are wasting their life.
Then there are people who do nothing and are bored the shit out of their lives and what to kill themselves.

Who is right here?

Which side of the spectrum am I?
Do I watch TV all day?
But I do spend most of my on YouTube.
Now that’s the question worth asking?
Not where, how or when?
Why? That’s the question worth asking?

I spend all day watching research videos and learning to do my job better. Constantly.
Is that bad?
I bet it’s not.

But am I sitting all day on Internet watching videos. Same platform. YouTube. Just like everyone else.

I am not Bette than anyone if you.
But I am doing learning to do my job better.
I am just a human you know.

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