2- How one decision changed my life forever

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Change is inevitable,  little did I know about the impact this one statement would have on life in coming months 

Until few years back, I use to work for more than 10 hours each day.
My wife worked whole day too.
We had every material object we desired, except peace.
We owned multiple businesses and projects.
We had 2 servants for my wife, me and my lovely dog.
We lived alone and also had all the freedom we could imagine.
We had most of the luxuries desired by most 30 something couples.

In short – we had made it.

Yet we had a subtle truth none of us confronted – We were not happy.

Our relationship was not going anywhere. We were constantly working and complaining about how we were not earning enough.
Now, after a whole year of change in my lifestyle I look back and realize,

5 stars dinners, luxury holidays and designer labels costs us so much more than just the money we pay for them.
They cost us our biggest asset. OUR TIME.

The time we spend earning the money, which is never accounted for, is spent on things that we need to convince ourselves that our life is good and in control, because well we are always out of time to do things that we love.

A year back I gave up on my biggest project, thanks to difference of opinion I had with other board members.

Instead of moving to another project, I took a break of 3 months. I traveled alone. I read a lot. Met lots of new people. I saw people happier with lesser than I had which I was taking for granted. NOt that I didnt do all of the above a year back. But my conciousness was always involved towards the next big thing rather what mad me happy.

That one break changed my life forever.
It made me look at my life at whole another perspective; it got me thinking on my amount of consumption and materialism. Ironically I was always an anti-establishment kind of a person whose one of the favorite movies was “Fight Club”. Yet in my ignorance I was consuming without consciousness.

Then I took up other projects which are comparatively smaller yet fulfilling; fortunately by next year I was back to earning similar money I did an year back. And this is where the catch lied.

Now I don’t work more than 3 hours a day. I don’t even appreciate people working more than 7 hours a day unless its bare essential for them, I suggest people to work on reducing their needs and material desires which will allow them eventually to work lesser than before each day.
That one onjective, will give them the biggest gift of time.

The satisfaction of spending time with your family, loved ones, and hobbies is immense and cannot be compared to anything else.

Which always improve the quality of work you produce, which will anyway eventually helps you earn what you are earning now but with lesser time and with whole lot of freedom.


Only then you will realize what a beauty life looks like, and you will love working every day until the rest of your life.

Only then your work will not be something you do for money, but you will do it for the love you have for it.

Life then is not a split between work and fun, but an amalgamation of passion and love.


Sumeet Soni

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  1. Focusing on to earn more money is definitely taking a toll on us. Whether we live alone or support a family, we are just running in pursuit of seems like better life but it is a mirage.
    Very nice post this is. An eye opener!

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