Growth is overwhelming, and other things we need to accept.

I live to indulge.

No not the regular kind of consumerism or materialistic chaos, I am not into those things. But I am onto something meaner; I indulge in day-dreaming.

Everything that I have done in past 10 yeras has only been focused on one single goal. To be able to day-dream without interruption.

Every decision I take is to achieve the same goal, to be able to sit back and things about the mysteries of life.Yet, I have failed. I have failed everytime I expected to achieve better versions of it.

Every time i took an action to make my life simpler and whole. It has made my life more complicated, and overwhelming.

Like for an example, I hired an assistant expecting him to take care of all my business, phone calls, and what not. He did exactly what I expected but with a slight addition of his own problems and complications.

Earlier I was bogged by clients phone calls the whole day, now I am at the receiving end of phone calls by my assistant, asking me solution of every challenge that comes his way.

In another example, I hired a permanent house servant, to take care of all the needs of the house.

He does exactly what he is supposed to do, but now I am constantly troubled by mistakes he makes. He is human and as a human being, he makes mistakes. He pisses off my neighbor, somehow people dont like to be in an elevator with people below their social stature, he gossips with everyone and most of the times they have consequences, he breaks cutleries in the kitches, he leaves most of the applaices running when not needed, which further increases the maintainence cost,. He also plays music at night when he sleeps in an adjacent room, which again distracts the neighbors. lol.

In another case, I bought a software which was suppose to be “godsend-accounting-hack-that-changes-life”. That software was so demanding that eventually we decided to go back to excel sheets for all our accounting needs. We realised that we were better off with excel sheets for us and leave the software complications for the acocuntants.

There is a point to all of this, and the point is this.

Growing means accepting that life will only get more complicated, and we always assume otherwise. We assume that getting richer will give us more time, it deos exactly the opposite.

We assume that we have to work less, its true to a certain pysical extent ofniy, but we have to be constanly working in the General sense.

We assume that we will have all the luxuries, and we will indulge in them all day, to tell you frankly, I utilised my cheap car more than the luxuries cars I own now.

I lived in a small studio apratment and knew everything and loved every corner of it, now I dont even know where most of my stuffs are, I don’t even know half the time what is happening in another corner of my house. Earlier this use to drive me crazy, but now, I have given up on informations.

I have realised that growing stronger is ultimately having less personal power. Now as i dont make my own food, I dont even get to choose my food, someone makes it for me, and I eat what is served.

I cannot meet a friend when I desire becasue someone else fixed a meeting for me and its “Always” of the urgent kind.
So here is the conclusion to all of this, One thing that I have learnt thorughtout my journey as an entrepreneur is that, getting richer simply means having less power and control. Sooner you accept it, better your life will be.

We chase control. Power. Authority. Money. And. Luxuries.

Yet we will get all of them.

But only in he bigger world sense.

When it comes to personal control.

Getting successful is losing personal control and power.

Sooner we accept this.

Better our lives would be.


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