Why its important to follow your passion, and then drop it.

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Passion is important 

Passion is essential

It’s immersive and fruitful.

But it also changes with the passage of time.

People find passion in everything that fulfils the purpose at any given moment in time of their life.

Passion helps us to attain the greater self, to go beyond our comprehension and attain all that we are capable of. But it has one flaw – it changes.

But it makes us commit one sin consistently. It has one fatal flaw – it changes. It demands evolution.

If you don’t respect its need and evolve along with it, it will only give you pain and discomfort. It will make your life an harrowing experience, and only drag you to the path of utter misery.You can be passionate about foreign cinema one month and give up on it

You have experienced it before, you know exactly what I am talking about, yet you have chosen to ignore it and let it take over your peace and inner strength.

Let me explain you by an example, you can be passionate about foreign cinema one month and give up on it the very next month. Now if you accept it and move one, it will evolve into something more powerful, maybe now you want to learn movie making or write a script, or maybe you want to go and explore other forms of art. but most of us dont move on, we drag the idea of consuming the art form that interested us a month before.

What happened? What changed?

What happened to your declaration of “Koreans and Iran made the best cinema”

It changed. It always does.

And that’s the only truth here.

Your hobbies, ideas, love, passion, liking, and dislikings. They all will change.

So what should we do?

Have passion. Follow them blindly too.

But make sure to keep a check on your feelings towards them.

Keep assuring yourself if you still feel passionate about them as you did before, and if not.

Change if needed. Nothing wrong with change. It is a good thing. the only sin is monotony.

Once you accept change, move on and jump onto the next big thing.

Let life flow as it has to.

Keep reminding yourself to keep a check on your passions.

keep evolving with life and keep learning.


Sumeet Soni


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