End of the Year 2017

There are lots of things I don’t understand, out of them are memes that talk about how awful the past year was. I first assumed that there are some rare people who made these people who actually had a bad year.

Then I saw my friends and family tagging each other in these random things on social media.

That made me, actually ask people upfront about their review of the year, SHOCKINGLY, most of them graded past year as bad.

This made me think.

Then I recall people calling 2016 bad too, and 2015, and 2014; which made me realise something about people.

I think that people think, life is bad in general. Maybe their life sucks, mine didn’t. OR maybe I have extremely low expectation fom life altogther.

I dont know how, but I had an awesome year.

Started new projects, travelled a lot for business and pleasure, hired few good people in business, did some awesome collaboration, finished couple if courses, upgraded my home, and also the year where I read 52 books.

I don’t know what makes my 2017 the best year, but I feel it had something to do with the way I lived it.

ENough about me, how has your year been like?




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