Daily creation – One habit that will change your life

This one habit will change your life. The compulsion of daily creation.
Nothing has helped me be more productive than the “daily creation” habit.
Our current lifestyle can become too toxic if we are not conscious of it.
While we are constantly bombarded with information about business and current affairs of the world, which is what keeps us ahead than our competitors, but we are also constantly consuming unnecessary crap without even thinking about it.
Happiness lies in the art of creation – When we create something out of our head and present it to the world to look at.
Satisfaction lies in creation.
And creation is what we seldom do. 
Hence to keep check with myself, I came up with the rule of Daily creation.
Every day, I have to create something worthwhile, unless I am done with it, I won’t end my day and go to sleep.
On bad days I pick up my phone and write 10 ideas that will make a random product better. As a businessman, this gives me perspective about different industries.
On good days, I would have written blog posts, designed jewellery, had productive meetings, took photographs, created business plans and executed them.
The objective is that 24 hours should be enough for us to create something that we are proud of, for me this one habit has changed the way I look at time, energy and my day.
Try it, this can change your life with least effort and push you in the right direction.
This has taught me, time management, priority, art, passion and love for my work.
Hope this would help you as much as it helped me.
Try small things – 
Take a photograph that will help someone else and share it on social media. Make sure the photograph helps someone.
Tweet something that you learnt about your city and help others.
Write a blog about the new experience you had during your day.
Create something at your office, be conscious about helping others. Not selling.
Draw something simple.
The objective is to help someone else through your own lense of life. If you achieved it, you have had a creative day and go to rest for the next one.
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