12 reasons why having a pet dog is not right for you.


Having a dog as a pet is one of the greatest comforts we humans can have, it doesn’t require much of time and efforts comparatively to other heavier tasks like relationships, and yet is one of the most fulfilling experience ever.

I love everything about having a pet. Read here my previous post about How a Labrador teaches me to live “Profound”

IF you shed tears during “Hachiko-A dogs tale” or “Marley and me” or “Eight Below” I am sure you are considering adopting one for yourself.

Your dog will give you much life altering experiences and will always be there waiting for you when you reach home after a hard-days-work, every day!

They never have bad moods and they are always ready to play.

While life with dogs will be beautiful and everything, there are still things you need to consider before you start inquiring the shelter for an adoption:

1. Dogs are a commitment – They live long enough to see you move, lose your job, get divorced, and other life-altering situations. Maybe it fits perfect with your current scenario, but you have to consider those not so great moments of your life along with the responsibility of a dog.

2. You are responsible for it without exception, he bites someone, he runs away, he is sick, he is bored, no matter what happens to him or what happens to your neighbour due to him. You are the one who takes all the responsibilities and pays the dues.

3. Your physical activities revolve around him. You can be someone who takes your dog for a walk twice for the day and still goes out again for your gym, aerobics and social activities. But if you look at the practicality of your situation, you wouldn’t do anything other than walking your dog twice a day. Now forget about meeting friends, joining a gym or using public transport to catch up with friends during morning chats in your track suits. You have to be content with walking alongside him.

4. You have to be home twice a day, or arrange someone who can walk him twice a day without fail, and this will never be optional for next 12-14 years, no matter what. This cannot be taken for granted, not a single exception unless you are fine with having a wet poopy carpet when you return home.

5. You will detest late night parties, no not because they won’t be fun anymore, they will be definite fun, but you will hate yourself to return home around 3 only to get up again in 3 hours to walk scooby with your eyes half-shut. You will try to do both for the initial period, but after a while, you will give up on late night parties because well, you cannot give up on scooby now, can you?

6. They are living beings and hence fall sick, get bored, have their sexual needs, need regular check-ups, vaccinations and have mood swings. Unless you accept that there would be times you would be waiting in vets clinics more than you expected, don’t adopt one.

7. They are not something which you have for decoration. The idea seems appealing when you see them on television or at a neighbours porch, but it is not as simple it seems in a movie. You will be responsible for it for rest 12-14 years is what you need to consider before you adopt one.

8. You would not be able to take them everywhere, and not everyone will love it. There would be relatives visiting you who wouldn’t be comfortable with him, there would be relatives you would visit who would prefer it to stay on the porch. You have to either stop associating yourself with non-animal-lovers or accept their ignorance. By the end you will associate yourself mostly with pet lovers – BTW, all pet owners are good people in general – that’s my personal observation.

9. They are like kids with only one problem, they never grow up. So most of the time you will be sitting talking to them (weird?!) and assessing their problems because they sometimes stop eating, stop being playful, and start limping for no god-damn reason. You have to care and nurture them just as do your kids, kids can do things for you in return in the coming future, but your canine friend cannot give you anything other than its companionship.

10. They are not acceptable everywhere. You have to consent with the idea that there would be people who don’t like pets, and you wouldn’t be entertained at such places. There would be apartments you will never be allowed to stay in, restaurants you have to avoid with your pet, parks you will never go to – because you won’t have the energy to go to a park after the two consistent walk of the day. There are neighbourhoods you have to avoid moving in due to non-friendliness of the other neighbours and their dogs.

11. Travelling and vacations can get chaotic. Taking a vacation would be harrowing if you don’t have a support system to take care of your pet while you are gone, Yes there are hostels and dog-sitting services around, but not every-time it is possible to get one. What happens when you move to a place which doesn’t have pets services. Travelling along with them is different war altogether.

12 They are no fun during a crisis, there would be times when you have to move cities or change your home. Considering your dog’s preferences is not something everyone can deal with during those times. Yes, they have preferences too and you have to respect that, even when you don’t have a job.

Now, maybe I would have focused only on the negative here, or have sounded very against the idea of adoption, but as a dog-owner and behalf of all those lovely canines, I needed to share my learnings so that only when you are really ready for the above-mentioned issues you adopt a pet. Only then it would be the rewarding experience every pet lover keeps talking about.

Of course, they are fun and do things that you would never be able to do for them. Why do you think still millions of people all over the world owns a pet?

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