The hidden perks of being a writer, yes there are!

There is no doubt that we writers are “sad bunch” of people.
There is something strange about understanding human emotion in all its form and glory, that makes us the miserable types we all claim to be; and under no situation, we fail to portray this reality to the world.
But let me assure you one thing here, it’s all a charade;
I know many of you won’t believe me when I say this but stay with me a while and read on.
Why we fake it is unknown; 
Maybe we do it to get the attention from the world, maybe we don’t want others to become writer like our-self and relish all the perks that we have,
maybe –  just maybe, we hate competition and would try to keep one less writer entering the zone of an already enthralling community.
So let me list out the “Hidden” perks of being one miserable SOB (A.K.A – the writer)
  • The schedule – yes we are our own boss, and work only on our own terms. Yes, here are exceptions to deadlines and all, but no one pushes a writer as much they do a regular joe.
  • We do what we love – and we love what we do.
  • We are our own boss – Nobody can dare tell us what to do.
  • We actually enjoy writing – One job I love more than anything in this whole world.
  • We don’t need human interaction – We sit in a room scribbling through our fantasy creating and destroying characters we call friends and can call it day.
  • We rarely get bored – In our head – we are super interesting with all those characters and scenarios.
  • People love us – everybody is intrigued by writers as if we know something they don’t; in reality, we are kids who create stories in our head and denied growing up when others did.
  • We get laid easy – Yes we do. It’s a lot easier as a writer to get laid. Girls dig us and so do guys.
  • People think we are mysterious – I still wonder why?
  • We are artists?? – Borderline ??
  • We love what we do – did I say this already, alright. But let me reassure – We love what we do.
  • We can see through people – One skill we all own as writers – reading people. That is why we chose to be a writer in the first place. We judge people for a living.
  • Nothing anyone does baffles us anymore – 
    We have read it all, imagined extreme surreal scenarios within our head, and is one of the foremost reason society doesn’t interest us anymore.
    The stories in our head are far more exciting and unpredictable. Society in itself has become too predictable for our taste.
Let me know if there are any other perks I missed out on.
Sumeet Soni

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