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Meaning of life – lets deal with the cliche’ and Explore the subject older than humanity.

Happiness and meaning of life

If you start to look at the whole picture at the macro level. The life that we call our own is not entirely ours, everything that we act upon and contemplate about affects everyone we come in contact with.

One thing we can say with certainty is that our life is not independently and entirely ours.

Everything that we act upon and contemplate about affects everyone we come in contact with, hence others importance in our life is established.

I don’t believe that we are here to achieve anything for ourselves. But we are all living for one common goal which is shared with the whole humanity and the cosmos.

The goal is to make the world a better place for each and every living soul. We all feel it inside, we call it the voice of the conscience, we call it god and sometimes we even call it the voice of the soul.

We may plan and consider all we can, but in our heart, we all know that we are bound to our fate and nothing we desire can alter our path. Nothing that we do will ever confirm the outcome of our deeds, doesn’t matter what we wish or desire.

Now, isn’t this simply amazing? we can do and be exactly as we want to and leave all the fruits simply to chance, we may or maybe not become successful, yet we will learn and do all that we love.

We all have learnt this the hard-way, that life doesn’t care about our plans because it has its own plans to fulfil and its own goals to conquer. We are mere pawns in the world which have no kings, no knights nor queens…but mere pawns. We all are pawns and nothing else, no one is above anyone else here..all are just mere pawns…but how is this not the perfect setup?

Let’s for a change celebrate the truth that we all are simply here to be next to each other and help each other out just as we all belong to this large family called Humanity.

Each pawn to help other pawns, we are here to improve others life in whichever way the universe expects desires. Sometimes we know what our path is and sometimes we wonder and walk aimlessly, which eventually leads us to the exact destination where we were supposed to be at that given time.

If this is how the world works and conspires. Why do we fear simply walking towards our goal, and living every moment? Would worrying help? has it ever?

How does it matter if we are concerned or not?

if nothing is in our control, the least we can do is to have fun while walking along the mysterious path of the world around us, without fear or doubts and know that we are exactly where we are supposed to be….

Live for the bigger purpose, live for the betterment of our race. Life then will have its own meaning and its own purpose.

Love life and be whatever we want.


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