How to deal with others

The problem I have dealtwith all my life is people not being on time, people not prioritizing the right things.

Its crazy to see people suffering for the thigns they themselves did, they ignore their spouse and thenw onder why theyw ent away.

They ignore their children while they are growing up, then later wonder why they dont call them anymore.
This list can get pretty long if I want to.

But how does this help me?

For me the gretatest revelation was to realsie that probably they dont lnow better and probably this is what their life is about and let things unfild as they may.

Because we can never know what kind of a life or dreams others may have and what is important to them.

to end it all.

All that liberated me towards my opinion of opthers, was a realisation that maybe, just maybe,

Others have different priority than me, and I haev to just accept them as they are.

Now when someone is late, I remind myself that I have freedom to walk away, and leave the client, or break the relationship if i Want to, but if this relasitionship is more important to me than my time management skills, ill probably accept them as they are and seldom try to imporve them.


Sumeet Soni

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