5 things that make life worth living and gives us hope

  1. Freedom – this is so underrated. The thing I love about life is that we can be anything. Apart from physical restrictions – a person can become anything he desires. Right from a teacher to scientist to radio hockey to a writer. One just needs passion and dedication to follow it up.
  2. We can choose one person to accompany us for rest of our lives. How awesome this one gift is for the mankind and people don’t use it right. We marry people on basis of prestige and money. But if we choose our partner right. 90% of our problems would be resolved. And we will have company all the time.
  3. Books. They are the best company during those lazy Sundays. And they help us learn new things and give us perspective. They also help us learn more and get rich faster.
  4. Getting rich. I think everyone should get rich. I don’t mean to imply that getting rich makes you happier. But not have to think about money all the time makes your life really different. In my experience being rich is so much different than people think it is.
  5. Travelling. Do I even need to justify this??

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